I don't know what JDT is. It was not I who suggested it. The JDT
page says: http://www.eclipse.org/jdt/index.html

 The JDT project provides the tool plug-ins that implement a Java IDE supporting the 
development of any Java application,
including Eclipse plug-ins. It adds a Java project nature and Java perspective to the 
Eclipse Workbench as well as a number of
views, editors, wizards, builders, and code merging and refactoring tools. The JDT 
project allows Eclipse to be a development
environment for itself.

Not obviously an in memory compiler, but maybe in there somewhere.

Scott Stark
Chief Technology Officer
JBoss Group, LLC

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> what is supposed to be eclipse JDT ?
> SMS> So get another compiler. We don't need no stinking JSR.

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