For your information, we are going to release a new major version of 
remoting (remoting 3). This version provides a new JNLP4 protocol, which 
adds support of Java NIO and improves stability being compared to the JNLP3 

Due to the change implementation, it requires some *formally* incompatible 
changes in the remoting lib and the core. The change required deletion of 
the JnlpServerHandshake class and rework of its implementation (PR to the 
core <https://github.com/jenkinsci/jenkins/pull/2492/files>). De-facto we 
were unable to find any usages of such API. 

Another important change is the explicit Java 7 requirement. We do not 
support Java 6 on slaves/agents starting from the 1.610 release (
Announcement <https://jenkins.io/blog/2015/04/06/good-bye-java6/>), but 
de-facto remoting users were still able to use this Java version and latest 
remoting versions in particular edge cases.

Today at the Jenkins governance meeting 
we decided that these formally incompatible changes are not blockers for 
including it into Jenkins 2.x.

As a remoting maintainer, I would like to include JNLP4 into Jenkins core 
as soon as possible since remoting 3 has some known stability issues. 
Inclusion into Weeklys allows to get better soak testing before the change 
actually gets into the next LTS baselines. Newest Jenkins core versions 
include UI for managing the new protocol, hence users will be able to 
opt-in and opt-out. Jenkins agents with remoting 2.x will be able to 
connect to Jenkins master with remoting 3.x, hence the update should be 

Please respond if you have any concerns regarding the approach.

Best regards,
Oleg Nenashev

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