> On 01.12.2016, at 12:13, Jacob Larfors <ja...@larfors.com> wrote:
> Awesome - looks good. Can I also have commit access to this one, or how do we 
> plan to do this?
> My plan was to create an update branch on this repo and then file a pull 
> request to get this into master and include the Jenkins reviewers as Oleg 
> suggested.
> GitHub user: jlarfors 

Granted you commit access.

Plan sounds reasonable if it's supposed to be a branch that multiple people 
would work on (or if you're opposed to maintaining your own fork), but most 
probably develop in their own fork first and base PRs on that. It also won't 
confuse the JIRA bot as it thinks everything in the jenkinsci repos is on 
master, and even resolves issues based on that :-)

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