Hi everyone,

My name is Udara De Silva and I am a Ph.D student from University of Akron. 
I got familiar with Jenkins while working on my project 
https://chiphackers.com/ I am really looking forward to work on a Jenkins 
project for this year GSOC. In particular, I am interested in extending 
Jenkins capabilities in Electronic Design Automation and Verification.

My familiar programming languages are JAVA, C++, Python and Matlab. Related 
to the project, I am familiar with Verilog and VHDL. I have also good 
experience in EDA tools like Design Compiler, PrimTime, SpyGlass, VCS and 
Model Sim. I have worked as an R&D Engineer at Synopsys before starting my 
Ph.D. I have participated in GSOC 2015 where I have completed a project 
mentored by MyHDL open source EDA module for Python. All my project results 
can be found on my blog http://design4hardware.blogspot.com/

Below are couple of my online profiles:
Linked In : https://www.linkedin.com/in/udara28/
GitHub    : https://github.com/udara28

About the project: Continuous integration in electronic design (specially 
in IP) is a real challenge. Jenkins strengths in Software CI can be used to 
address this challenge. An EDA plugin will be able to post results on unit 
tests, coverage (support from simulators need to be studied) and publish 
health status of IPs to public.

Best Regards,
Udara De Silva

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