On behalf of CloudBees, I’d like to request the permission to use the
following name that uses ‘Jenkins’ in it:

   - CloudBees Jenkins Metrics

To help people understand how this name is going to be used, let me
describe a bit about the effort for which we’d like to use this name.

Back several years ago, we have requested the sublicense to use ‘CloudBees
Jenkins Analytics,’ which was subsequently approved
<https://wiki.jenkins.io/display/JENKINS/Approved+Trademark+Usage>. It is a
feature that is a part of our products. It has evolved since then, and we’d
like to give it a new name to more accurately reflect what it is.

When we look at name approval requests like this, a key criteria is to make
sure it doesn’t create confusion about the origin of the effort. From that
perspective, this name has ‘CloudBees’ clearly in front of it, and it is
consistent with other names that are already approved. The situation and
the considerations that led to the approval of the past requests hasn't
really changed, so I hope the new name doesn’t raise any eyebrows and
result in a smooth approval.

I’ve put this up as an agenda for Mar 14th project meeting to be able to
get a decision there. If you have any concerns or objections, please chime
in on this thread prior to the meeting, so that we can address them.

Kohsuke Kawaguchi

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