On 2018-04-13 18:23, Carlos Sanchez wrote:
Hi Oliver,

There are some changes for core that would be really helpful to have in hands of people for testing sooner than later


All new methods are marked with the new @Beta annotation so it should be clear that it's not final.

We expect this to be in the next weekly or so,but I would really like to ensure we can pull this into the next LTS if at all possible,what can I do to help prepare these changes for the LTS,even if we tried to backport it?

Hi, Let's make the discussion public.

My personal take is the LTS and Beta.class are quite orthogonal in principle. When it comes to the actual change, it feels far from trivial for such an exception IMO. What is the motivation here? Backporting this will get it in LTS in 4 weeks, otherwise it will get in in 8 weeks.

Thoughts? I would really like to avoid backporting something before it has its final shape (IOW, merged to master).

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