On Sat, Aug 11, 2018 at 9:54 AM Oleg Nenashev <o.v.nenas...@gmail.com> wrote:
> There is a risk that two plugins get installed at once, and Jenkins admins 
> will be responsible to manage it.

Which you can make those “6–12 projects” do. All they need to do is go
the plugin manager, uninstall the old plugin from *Installed* (which
will prompt to restart—but do not), then select the new plugin from
*Available* and *Download now and install after restart* and agree to
restart to apply changes. When it comes back up, it should have only
the correctly-named plugin installed, and the existing organization
folders should be loaded without incident (assuming, again, you did
not change package names or anything).

Various other workflows will also suffice. Jenkins will not discard
the organization folder configuration even if it starts up without
either of the plugins loaded—only if you explicitly save the (broken)
configuration; it will just try again to load those class names next

> The old plugin can be removed from update centers

>From what I understand, the old plugin was never on any update
center—it is being newly hosted, under the new and correct name.

So assuming that the old plugin with the undesirable name is confined
to a handful of Jenkins servers that you can track down, please just
fix those, and do not bake the mistake into the Jenkins community for

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