On Monday, September 19, 2016 at 3:59:15 PM UTC-7, Sam K wrote:
> How will it affect the list of changes it shows on the builds page?  
> Build No. 10 was built with master branch
> Build No. 11 is built with release_alpha branch
> Build No. 12 is then built with master branch
> Will changes between the builds be tracked correctly?  

It depends on your definition of "correct", and how useful that definition 
to your users.

The git plugin presents the differences between the preceding build and the 
current build as the "changes".  If the preceding build was for a different 
branch, then the differences are probably not useful to your users.  

The multi-branch freestyle job type and the multibranch pipeline job type 
will automatically create and delete a job for each branch that matches 
your selection criteria.  I very much prefer a job per branch because it 
makes the changes easier to read, and the history of test pass and fail 
much easier to understand.

> Will build no. 12 report changes between 10 and 12 and not between 11 and 
> 12?  
No, build 12 will report changes between 11 and 12, not between 10 and 12. 
 The difference computation is with the predecessor build, not with the 
predecessor build on that branch.

I see under the builds folders there are git commits, tree, parents, etc. 
>  Is that's what used to determine?     
Yes, the git repository is used to determine the differences between builds.

Mark Waite

> thanks
> Sam

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