"Mark Waite" <mark.earl.wa...@gmail.com> wrote:

> The multi-branch freestyle job type and the multibranch pipeline job type 
> will automatically create and delete a job for each branch that matches your 
> selection criteria.
> I very much prefer a job per branch because it makes the changes easier to 
>read, and the history of test pass and fail much easier to understand.
But multibranch pipeline is today not in a state where it is a usable 
replacement for other job types. No graphics displayed from the plugins, many 
plugins are not compatible and also some plugins are not on the list for 
compatibility like cubertura. We started to migrate one job to multibranch 
pipeline but we had no success to find enough workarounds. And it lacks a bit 
of documentation. I believe it is the way it should work and it is on track, 
but today it is not usable for production.


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