hi All,

Do anybody have an example or a pointer to how one could terminate a
parallel pipeline section on first failure?

The use case is that I have 14 tests in a checkin regression pipeline. Some
tests take 2 min some take 40 min. To speed up feedback to the users we
want to give feed back ASAP if a test did fail.

My test pipeline is:

    stage('tests') {
        parallel 'longTests': {
            build job: 'testjob1', quietPeriod: 0
        }, 'shortTests':{
            // this will fail 1 sec
            build job: 'testjob2', quietPeriod: 0

My current "pipeline" (Build-flow) is able to do this with a ugly hack:

import static hudson.model.Result.FAILURE
import groovy.time.*

parallel (
  { b = build("testjob1")
    if (b.getResult().toString() != "SUCCESS") {
  { b = build("testjob2"])
    if (b.getResult().toString() != "SUCCESS") {


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