I installed jenkins as a war file to the location "C:\Users\loggeduser" in 
the .jenkins folder.

I'm trying to access a slave machine's node I set up using "Launch agent 
via java Web Start", but when it gets to the step where I must access the 
"http://IPaddress:8080/computer/Slavemachine/slave-agent.jnlp"; in the 
slave, the page returns a 404, not found.

In the past, I had installed jenkins as windows service in the program 
files of the Master machine, and was able to access it the slave with no 

This has me presuming that I can't access jenkins via the slave because it 
is currently under my logged in user folder, and thus can't be accessed by 
the slave.

Am I right to assume this? What method can I use to go about accessing it?

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