In almost every setup example of the gitlab plugin 
<> like 
the gitlab webhook configuration part indicates that the url to record 
should look like this http://<jenkins-host:port>/project/<merge-request-job>/ 
where 'project' is the literal word 'project'.

After many attempts, i have failed to have a working url with a project 
endpoints in my jenkins instance and thus i can't make gitlab triggers jobs 
on push and merge requests events. when i use as web-hooks classic 
addresses for jenkins job i.e.
http://<jenkins-host>/job/*<folder_name>*/job/<merge-request-job>/ the 
trigger calls are made, returning http code 200 but the jobs don't start.

If anyone here has had the same issue or has any investigating path for me 
to solve this, i would like to thank you in advance for your help.

*gitlab Version: *8.12
*jenkins version:* 2.16
*gitlab-plugin version:* 1.4.2


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