Hi all,

I have my GitHub web hook working on a Pipeline job, which is great! I 
looked at the currentBuild object and my env variables, though, and I don't 
appear not have access to the branch name, or ref string (e.g. 
refs/heads/master). I know that the ref is sent as part of a payload 
(https://developer.github.com/v3/activity/events/types/#pushevent), so it 
seems reasonable to think that Jenkins would pass this data forward somehow.

I tried looking 
at http://javadoc.jenkins-ci.org/hudson/scm/ChangeLogSet.Entry.html to see 
if currentBuild.changeSets would give me anything, but I don't see it. Does 
Jenkins not know how to talk about git refs? Does it just drop everything 
on the floor except the commits?


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