I'm using something like this to run tests in parallel:

stage('Test') {
  steps {
    script {
      testing_closures = [one: { print("staring one"); sleep 10; 
one") },
                          two: { print("staring two"); sleep 10; 
two") },
                          three: { print("staring three"); sleep 10; 
three") },
                          four: { print("staring four"); sleep 10; 
four") },
                          five: { print("staring five"); sleep 10; 
five") },
                          six: { print("staring six"); sleep 10; 
six") }]

The main goal is to throttle those closures - I don't want for all six of 
them to run concurrently - only 3 at a time.

I was thinking about using nodes for this - i.e. wrapping each closure in 
node{} block:

one: { node { print("staring one"); sleep 10; print("finishing one") } }

Works OK as long as I use master node and limit the executors to 4 (1 for 
main job, 3 for the node{} concurrent steps). 

Unfortunately I need master node executors to be available for other jobs, 
so I cannot limit them.

*So - how do I achieve my goal? Is there a way to create local node similar 
to master, but not master?*

*Or is there another way to throttle parallel step? *

*The only solution I came up with is to create 3 lockable resources of the 
same label and lock them in each*
*of the closures. But in reality my closures are already locking resources 
(for test-machines, there's 7 of them, *
*but I want one build to use only up to 3 of them), so I would have to 
  lock(label: 'test-host') { 
    lock (label: 'test-throttler') { 
*Looks dirty, increases maintenance nightmare and it's adding unnecessary 
resources (which we already have too much) that do*
*not reflect the "real, physical" resource.*

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