We have "string", "booleanParam", "choice", etc. but nothing for numeric 
types.  Is there a reason why not?

I have a pipeline where I would like a parameter to be a duration (in 
hours) to invoke a "sleep" step. 

Using "string" doesn't work because sleep is expecting an int. And if I try 
using a "script" step, I need to convert hours to seconds but I can't 
invoke toFloat() and toInt() because I get 
Scripts not permitted to use staticMethod org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.
DefaultGroovyMethods toFloat java.lang.String

I know I could disable the sandbox for the latter issue, but I'd rather not 
- it would make more sense to be able to provide a numeric type to the 
pipeline in the first place.  Or maybe for the Sleep step to try to coerce 
the string to an int via DescribableModel.java.

Many thanks,


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