We semi-regularly get jobs that get stuck after the following:

[URLTrigger] A change within the response URL invocation 

[US-VM01_Win7x64] Starting limited count build: 1 of 1

Building remotely on 
(Win7x64_Clean) in workspace c:\jenkins\workspace\CMM-M Main (x64) - Win7 - Inst

The VM launches and connects.  But the job itself never starts (the first 
"missing" line here is the beginning of "We will get a clean checkout from 
SVN").  If I log into the machine, I can get to SVN, so it's not like there are 
inaccessible resources?

It can happen on any VM instance.  It can happen on any one of our many 
products.  It can happen with any version of Jenkins in the last 3 years.  It 
can happen with any of our 100's of system test variations.  There seems to be 
no rhyme or reason.  It just occasionally - hangs.


John E. Peterson
ASW Quality Program Manager
Tel: +1 (810) 220-4360
Fax: +1 (810) 220-4300

Nikon Metrology, Inc.
631 Bear Run Lane
Lewis Center, OH  43035

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