Dear Team,

Currently we used the Jenkins pipeline tool for our CI/CD. First like to 
thank the effort your team put develop the tool. Because It Is the amazing 
stable tool in our release team used.

Then the we plan to shift the Jenkins next level call blue ocean concept 
for our next stage of projects. But unfortunately we faced the current 
issues in first step when go for blue ocean. Please help following blockers.

*Pipeline **setup *

   - Why SSH only used? (*Figure 1*)
   - Why do not use user name and password for use authentication ? (*Figure 

*Pipeline **Edit View *

   - Why the existing Jenkins all plugins not support for blue ocean ,If 
   the not support plugging makes a support puling for blue ocean, what is the 
   method we have to followed ?(*Figure 2*)
   - How to add the chilled step?

*Other Importance areas*

   - Can I Know the steps to follow, if we create new blue ocean support 
   Jenkins plugin? 
   - Can we use all the functionalities of currently available in Jenkins 
   plugins in blue ocean?
   - Is the Jenkins team recommended shift to  blue ocean to create 
   critical CD?

 we appreciate  to your help to resolved the issues ASAP and quick response

*Figure 1:. Http/https url do not support *


*Figure 2: Why jenkins plugins does not support in blueocean*



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