I think you  are trying to be too clever here: 
pipeline{ } expects a declarative pipeline, but you are supplying a 
scripted one inside. 
The error mentions 
at WorkflowScript.runPipeline(WorkflowScript:23)   <- this is  the line in 
your script where the error happens.
at WorkflowScript.run(WorkflowScript:10)
Try to get it working without  'pipeline {} '


Am Donnerstag, 9. August 2018 17:28:44 UTC+2 schrieb Markus "Shorty" 
> Hello all, 
> My Jenkinsfile aborts with an error and I can't find the reason. I ran 
> out of ideas. Also I have no clue what the error means (neither Java nor 
> Groovy is my strength). The curious thing is, when I remove the last 
> block ("Clean") in the runPipeline function the job runs successfully. 
> Please let me know if more information is needed. 
> Any help would be much appreciated. 
> First line of the error is: 
> hudson.remoting.ProxyException: 
> org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.typehandling.GroovyCastException: Cannot 
> cast object '{clean-composer=null, clean-qucli=null}' with class 
> 'java.util.HashMap' to class 
> 'org.jenkinsci.plugins.pipeline.modeldefinition.model.Root' due to: 
> groovy.lang.GroovyRuntimeException: Could not find matching constructor 
> for: 
> org.jenkinsci.plugins.pipeline.modeldefinition.model.Root(java.util.HashMap) 
> Jenkinsfile: 
> https://gist.github.com/bemeyert/3f88cc0c458d9d8c2dc5e853fdf4e7b4#file-jenkinsfile-groovy
> Complete error: 
> https://gist.github.com/bemeyert/3f88cc0c458d9d8c2dc5e853fdf4e7b4#file-jenkins-error
> Cheers, Shorty 

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