Hi everyone,

I ran into a weird issue that I thought you might be able to help 
troubleshoot. I'm using Jenkinsfile-based Pipelines with python, and I use 
pytest to produce JUnit-compatible reports after the tests are run. The 
problem is that I get an error when I try to parse the results with the 
junit step: "No test report files were found. Configuration error?" Here 
are the relevant parts of the Jenkinsfile:

stage("Unit tests") {
  steps {
    sh "runtests.sh" // This produces build/pytest.xml
    sh "cat build/pytest.xml"
    junit 'build/pytest.xml'

The sh’s cat command runs properly and prints out a properly formatted 
junit xml file--I can parse it with junit-viewer, for example. But I still 
get the error. Any idea what's going on, or how I could debug this properly?

Thanks for the help!


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