I'm having this weird problem in one of my nodes.

I get "Illegal characters in path"  after issuing the statement: 
%WORKSPACE%\MySolutionFolder\SpecialFiles\nuget.exe restore "%WORKSPACE%\
MySolutionFolder\CyaCoreProj.sln" -configfile %WORKSPACE%\MySolutionFolder


c:\jenkinstools\nuget restore "%WORKSPACE%\MySolutionFolder\MySolutionName.sln" 
-configfile c:\jenkinstools\NuGet.Config

and many other variations...

I can run those statements and build my solution in one of my nodes which 
is the same system where I develop the solution, but when I run any of the 
those statements in another node I get the "Illegal characters in path" 
message all the time.

I'm using the same version of Nuget.exe and config file in all nodes.

Has anyone seen this and have found a solution?

I'm using nuget ver. 5.1.0 and was also using the previous one.
Using Jenkins 2.164.3

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