Hi,I have a Jenkins scripted pipeline having quite a lot of parallel stages and 
steps.I am looking for a way to find the link to the exact location of the 
workspace directory 
that is created for every stage, within the pipeline code itself.I know that 
there is some (seemingly random) ID as part of the link. 

Here the 47 is my buildnr, the 20 is the magic ID. This ID apparently changes 
when thescript is modified, or when the job is scheduled somewhat differently.
As discussed under JENKINS-26138 
(https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-26138), thereno standard way to 
get this ID within the pipeline stages of the job.
>From a response at    
I gather that it would be possible to get the ID using the mentioned 

But after experimenting a lot with that, it does not seem like my listener is 
receiving any events.I have not been able to find any example of actually using 
the listener within a Jenkinsfile, andaccessing the data of an event.
Does anyone have some code to share ?
thx Monger39

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