On Saturday, August 31, 2019 at 12:24:00 AM UTC+5:30, SADHAN wrote:
> the problem i am seeing is if i add polling for the source code repo using 
> checkout function of jenkinsfile, the job is getting triggered for the 
> source code changes and also for the jenkisnfiles changes though both are 
> in different Repos.
> How do we avoid the polling for jenkisnfiles.
> I tried to add "ignore from user" but it dint work, i tried to add "ignore 
> from paths" it also dint work.

Sharing a tidbit of what I did earlier to avoid triggering fresh builds 
jobs for changes in Jenkinsfile -- you may need additional logic to process 
the changeset, i.e. checkout the repo, gather the list of changed files ( 
this will help to determine if the changeset includes only Jenkinsfile), 
and then take the necessary action.


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