Jenkins is great at telling me when there are updates available for
Jenkins's core or when there are security vulnerabilities in plug-ins.
This it does with a "nice-fat-red" number of vulnerabilities on the top
of the web page when I am logged in. And when one clicks on that, you
get a nice synopsis.

However, I cannot find any system setting or plug-in which will notify
me (presumably via email) when there is a core or plug-in update which
is available to mitigate a vulnerability, or even when there are ANY
updates to apply.

I have used the CLI (via SSH) to find a way to list the plug-ins with
updates available, as in this very hackish approach which relies on the
formatting of the list-plugins command:

$ ssh -l USER -p PORT JENKINS.domain list-plugins | egrep '\([0-9.]+\)'
| sort
ant                         Ant Plugin                      1.9 (1.10)
antisamy-markup-formatter   OWASP Markup Formatter Plugin   1.5 (1.6)
branch-api                  Branch API Plugin               2.5.3 (2.5.4)

But I have not found any way via the CLI to:

distinguish between security updates and general/feature updates
identify core updates I've also looked at the jenkins log
(/var/lib/jenkins/jenkins.log on Ubuntu) to no avail.

Specific question: Is there a setting (and I've looked extensively) or
plug-in (or even CLI method) which will provide the warnings /
vulnerabilities without being forced to login to Jenkins' web interface
and look manually?

Yes, I'm subscribed to the "Security advisories" mailing list, and while
it provides indications of core updates w.r.t. vulnerabilities, it's not
as helpful for plug-ins - that is, not only would I have to look at all
the plug-ins that are listed as being patched, but it doesn't, AFAICT,
tell me when there are unpatched vulnerabilities.

General question: How should I go about ensuring that my Jenkins
installation is automatically kept up-to-date, including all plug-ins?
Ideally this would be with respect to security vulnerabilities only,
leaving feature updates aside.

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