While using the Bitbucket Branch Source plugin version 2.4.0 along with the 
Stash Pullrequest Builder plugin version 1.7.0, when a change request is 
processed by Jenkins, a preliminary checkout is done on the master server 
in order to retrieve the Jenkinsfile, i.e. the "Checking out git <Bitbucket 
repository URL> into <Jenkins master server local Pull Request 
folder>/workspace@script to read Jenkinsfile" message.

Once the Jenkinsfile has been retrieved, and even if it is the only file 
needed (?), no clean up of the checkout is done on the master server.
A second checkout is done afterward on our ephemeral agents to do the merge 
actions and the build.

The point is that, since the workspaces with the checkouts stay on the 
Jenkins master server, we rapidly run out of disk space on the master 
server because of some heavy Git repositories with a lot of Pull Requests.

Is there an option or a way to clean the workspace checkouts on the master 
server after the Jenkinsfile has been retrieved ?

Thank you for your help !


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