Hi everybody,

Way-back-when, Kohsuke wrote this post about how to setup CI with Git in 

I have been using this in most my builds since and am still trying to get 
all colleagues to do the same (don't ask, my company can be difficult 
sometimes). Anyway, the other day I noticed that in one of my Jenkinsfiles, 
I forgot to activate the SCM polling. However, this project had been 
building on git pushes since the start!

Doing some testing on my own, I came to the following conclusion:
- Non-pipeline jobs all need to have the polling activated to react to the 
Git hook
- Single pipeline jobs also need to have polling activated
- Multibranch pipelines **don't** need to have polling activated, they just 
build whenever the git hook sends its request to Jenkins

Now, my question is, is this behavior correct? Does it mean that for 
multibranch pipelines, I **can't** NOT do CI? (Except for removing the 
hook, but that might influence other builds as well!) Is this actual 
behavior documented somewhere and did I just miss this information?

And what is now the correct way to setup CI? Should I still add the polling 
in my Jenkinsfile or, if I am sure I will be using a multibranch pipeline, 
just leave it out?



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