What would you recommend for a full re-trim?

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> Subject: Connolly Leather
> The OEM Connolly leather used in your Interceptor has not been
> manufactured
> since about 1985. Later Connolly hides were prepared using a different
> process, half water based until about 1994 and them fully water
> based. These
> hides look and smell totally different and you may be better trying to
> source hides from a different manufacturer. Obviously you will
> need to make
> direct comparisions comparing not only colour but also grain and texture.
> You should be aware that manfuacturers usually have different
> ranges of hide
> as well as different colours in each range.
> If you are only re-trimming part of the car any colour variation can be
> dealt with by using a renovation kit. Use it in the conventional manner on
> the old areas and apply it to the new hide while it is stretched out on a
> frame before you start cutting into it.
> In the early 90's Connolly produced the "Classic" range. These
> were finished
> using a similar process to the original Vaumol. Production however only
> lasted a short time and I not aware of anything produced after about 1992.
> This means that if anyone tries to sell you Connolly Classic it
> could easily
> be 10 years old and hide deteriorates in storage. One check is to
> stretch it
> and watch/listen to see if the colour coat, (which is only painted on the
> surface), cracks. If it does the hide is of no value other than a
> protective
> fire blanket for welding. Classic hides were small, poor quality and very,
> very expensive.
> I wouldn't worry too much about using other brands of hide.
> Connolly for too
> many years have been living off their name selling over-priced
> poor quality
> hides. My understanding is that they are in severe financial
> difficulty and
> are being run by the bank and that many of the managers/directors
> have been
> sacked. In all my dealings with them they have been a typical third
> generation company. I hear that a very large Canadian concern may
> take them
> over.
> I worked exclusively with Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars for
> eight years
> and had to use Connolly hides. I would never use one on one of my
> cars and I
> have never met another trimmer who would either. They are rubbish. If they
> still produced the original Vaumol to the same standard that would be a
> different story.
> Bridge of Weir produce a range of hides some used as OEM by Saab etc. They
> used to have a range similar to Vaumol that is worth investigating. Bridge
> of Weir hides are superior to anything produced by Connolly in the last
> fifteen years.
> Coming from England I wish I could sing the praises of Connolly,
> unfortunately they are yet another example of why Britain is no longer
> Great.
> Steve
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> Subject: Fw: Leather
> Amended
>  The parts are needed for Interceptor MK III Convertible
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> From: Bill Martin
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> Sent: Sunday, August 12, 2001 3:22 PM
> Subject: Leather
> Does any one have a source for Connely leather. I need to replace a number
> of pieces in the interior and would prefer to use original OEM leather.
> Also does anyone know of wrecked convertible. I need the panels from the
> boot.
> Regards Bill
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