Hi Paul,

Glad to hear your positive thoughts about the project. We really want to make 
this a community project and are totally open to external contributions and 
collaborations. I just merged our first external patch from you! I have already 
been talking with few people who would like to contribute features to the 
project. This is a nice start.

About the iot.js: We did evaluate and tried to use iot.js for our project when 
we started. Below are the reasons why we decided to create a new one instead of 
(re)using iot.js:

- Iot.js is written with C++. C++ is not well supported on Zephyr, especially 
the new() method is not available.
- Iot.js contains lot of JavaScript code which adds size and performance 
penalty to the runtime. We wanted to be as efficient as possible and used only 
C code.
- Iot.js does not have modularity. You need to take all the features even if 
you only use one API. IN our project, we analyze the .js application and only 
build and link the APIs that app is using (both runtime and zephyr)
- libtuv: the fork is not following the upstream and is/was missing some key 
features like UDP (IIRC)
- We wanted to focus on one RTOS and make the project good there. We may 
revisit this goal at some point in the future.

Based on the above, the decision was made to create one from scratch.


On 10/11/16, 7:50 PM, "Paul Sokolovsky" <paul.sokolov...@linaro.org> wrote:

    Hello Sakari,
    Great work, and thanks for releasing it! We at Linaro are also
    interested in JerryScript/Zephyr combo, and I'm glad we refrained from
    working on integrating them and instead focused on Zephyr so far, so
    that helped avoiding a duplicate effort. 
    Speaking of duplicate effort, there's existing project which tries to
    provide Node.js-like bindings for JerryScript - IoT.js. Are there
    reasons you decided to develop Zephyr-based bindings from scratch
    instead of basing them on IoT.js?
    On Mon, 10 Oct 2016 07:41:59 +0000
    "Poussa, Sakari" <sakari.pou...@intel.com> wrote:
    > Hi,
    > Intel has created a new open source project, JavaScript* Runtime for
    > Zephyr* OS (ZJS), which makes JavaScript application development
    > possible on Zephyr. ZJS is based on JerryScript (a lightweight
    > JavaScript engine) and the Zephyr OS. The ZJS project provides a
    > subset of Node.js APIs and JavaScript APIs to access sensors,
    > actuators, and communications, as well as the tools to build
    > applications with them. The resulting development method is easy to
    > learn and great for rapid prototyping, especially for developers who
    > have existing JavaScript skills. With ZJS the convenience and
    > flexibility of JavaScript can be brought to even the very small
    > devices. The project is hosted on GitHub:
    > https://github.com/01org/zephyr.js Currently supported boards and
    > APIs are: Boards
    >   - Arduino 101*
    >   - FRDM-K64F
    > APIs
    >   - GPIO, AIO, I2C, PWM, UART
    >   - BLE
    >   - Buffer, Events (Node.JS* subset)
    >   - OCF
    > The ZJS project is currently in early phase and we are looking for
    > users and contributions. Feel free to give us feedback, file issues
    > and send patches. We are looking forward to creating an open source
    > community around the ZJS project. Regards, The ZJS team
    > Zephyr is a trademark of the Linux Foundation. *Other names and
    > brands may be claimed as the property of others.
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