I'm trying to understand the type conversion model a bit better.  I've written
a Userfunction (ognl-get) that takes an object, and Object Graph Notation
Language (OGNL) expresssion, and any additional variables.  The OGNL evaluator
returns a plain Object which I just wrap in a jess.Value "new Value(obj)" and
return.  It's been working great as we have a pretty complex domain model.  

However, I now have a situation where the function is returing a Boolean that
I know is say 'true', i.e.
(ognl-get ?anObject "booleanProperty")

I assumed that the Jess type conversion would allow me to do something like 
(test (ognl-get ?anObject "booleanProperty")) 
implicity converting Boolean.TRUE to 'TRUE'.
When that failed, I assumed that the plain object was returned so I tried
(test (eq (ognl-get ?anObject "booleanProperty") (Boolean.TRUE)))
this still does not seem to do it.  

I assume that I am making an incorrect assumption :)  Any ideas ?

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