I think erich.oliphant wrote:
> I tried that function, but it doesn't seem to exist on the
> jess.ReflectFunctions class (I am using 7.0 beta 4.  There seems to be a a
> "static Value a(Class, Object) throws JessException" method based on browsing
> the class file. Could this be it?  

You're not using a licensed version of Jess. Contact Craig Smith,
[EMAIL PROTECTED], to obtain a license.

> Also, in regards to the original question, just thought about something. 
> Since returning "new Value(Boolean())" from my userfunction returns the Java
> Object, I'm still not clear about why this didn't work:
> (test (eq (ognl-get ?obj "booleanProperty") (Boolean.TRUE)))
> shouldn't 'eq' call returnedObj.equals(Boolean.TRUE) ?

The Jess function (Boolean.TRUE) returns the symbol TRUE, which is not
the same at the Java object Boolean.TRUE; as I said before, calling a
Java function from Jess reflectively always converts the result to a
Jess data type.

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