I think Hector Urroz wrote:
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> Thanks for the response. It does seem a bit odd to automatically and
> silently modify code. Why not throw an exception? Is this done elsewhere in
> Jess? What is the rationale? Did I stumble onto a "reserved" rule name?

Some rules get transformed in various ways as they are compiled -- for
example, "|" connectives are actually transformed into "or" function
calls, and ppdefrule will show them that way. And Jess inserts an
"initial-fact" pattern in various situations; this is described in the
manual. But I think this is only case where Jess inserts a pattern
than matches a user template. As I recall, it was done for defensive
reasons: because if Jess doesn't insert that pattern, then if people
don't include it themselves (which is the right thing to do 99.99% of
the time) there will be extra, spurious firings of the need-X rules,
and I got tired of explaining why they were happening.

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