I think Lakshmi Vempati wrote:
> Is there a possiblity that in future it would be possible to update the 
> fact alone passing in the new value without using modify?

I can see adding an overloaded updateObject() method that took a
property name and just updated one property -- but that would still
want to query the object for the property. I dislike the option of
having a way to deliberately put the shadow fact out-of-sync with the
object, especially as there's no guarantee that in some
not-too-far-off version of Jess, the shadow fact will become "virtual"
-- it won't really exist.

Since you want to manage updates at a fine-grained level, you might
consider not using definstances at all, and simply creating plain old
facts with their slots populated by information extracted from the
CORBA objects.

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