I think Lakshmi Vempati wrote:
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> I am trying to use defadvice (before reset and after clear) and I 
> noticed the following problem:
> If reset (or clear) is invoked via a a programmatic call to the reset 
> (or clear) method defined in the Rete class,
> it does not trigger the defadvice but if  instead I execute either reset 
> (or clear) on the command line or use the executeCommand method defined 
> in the Rete class, it does trigger the defadvice.

This is precisely how things should work. You're adding advice to the
(reset) and (clear) functions in the Jess language; the functioning of
the Rete.reset() and Rete.clear() Java methods is unaffected.

If you want to execute some code every time Rete.reset() is called,
you can register a JessListener with the Rete object.

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