Assuming that there's some definite ordering among your instances, you just 
need to make those explicit somehow -- give each instance a slot holding a 
serial number -- and then you can identify "the next two" and "the last two" by 
comparing those numbers. Otherwise it's the same as comparing any two facts.

If they're Java objects, you can generate the IDs in Java using a static member 
variable. if they're Jess facts, you could use the (default-dynamic) slot 
property to automatically create a value when the fact is asserted.

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Subject: JESS: compare slots but only with the last two instances

hi fellows,
it's me again :)
i wrote to you about a week ago. i wanted to compare slots but i didnt get any 
answers. i realised the question was very "dumm".
i foun the solution on my own.
but now i have a bigger problem.
i just want to compare the slot of an instance but only with the last two 
instances and the next two instances...
is this possible!?
thank you for your time !

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