hey...thx a lot for your help, but i dont know how to make the loop stop in
the next two instances.
i use the jesstab on protege so i have jess-facts after mapping.
i want to delete the instance which is in the middle of other instances (+ /
- 2 instances) and has a different slot-value from the instances above and

thank you for your help.!

On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 4:46 PM, Friedman-Hill, Ernest

> **
> Assuming that there's some definite ordering among your instances, you just
> need to make those explicit somehow -- give each instance a slot holding a
> serial number -- and then you can identify "the next two" and "the last two"
> by comparing those numbers. Otherwise it's the same as comparing any two
> facts.
> If they're Java objects, you can generate the IDs in Java using a static
> member variable. if they're Jess facts, you could use the (default-dynamic)
> slot property to automatically create a value when the fact is asserted.
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> *Subject:* JESS: compare slots but only with the last two instances
>  hi fellows,
> it's me again :)
> i wrote to you about a week ago. i wanted to compare slots but i didnt get
> any answers. i realised the question was very "dumm".
> i foun the solution on my own.
> but now i have a bigger problem.
> i just want to compare the slot of an instance but only with the last two
> instances and the next two instances...
> is this possible!?
> thank you for your time !

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