Hi - we have licensed JESS and are using it in a commercial application for 2.5 
years now. While I can't speak for the licensing process, we have made good 
experiences with the technical side of things. It's easy to integrate, well 
documented and the mailing list is generally responsive to specific problems. 
We also have a support/maintenance agreement that we use now and then for 
specific issues.

Our lessons learned, very subjective of course: Jess does what it says it will 
do - which might not be what you expect it to do. Spend time to learn it. A lot 
of problems turn out to be not actual problems but rather "as designed" 
mechanisms. For us, it's fast, it's stable and with the source code it's also 
changeable - although we try to stay away from that. Overall experience - very 
good, I'd say.


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Betreff: JESS: [EXTERNAL] Jess Licensing Question

Does anyone have experience licensing Jess for commercial use?

My employer is interested in licensing the software. But getting formal 
references from Sandia turns out would take longer than we'd expected. While 
waiting for Sandia's formal references to come through, I wonder if anyone here 
have had some experience they wouldn't mind sharing.

If you have licensed the software and have anything to say about your 
experience using the software in commercial environment, the process of 
licensing it, and any lessons learned, I'd really appreciate it.



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