Back in 2002-2003 I used JESS to build a pre-trade compliance engine
for a trading platform.

JESS is a fantastic expert system shell. Like any other tool, the key
is taking time to learn how to use it. Logic programming is different
than imperative or OOP. The benefit is the result of how JESS is used.
I recommend to most people that ask "which rule engine would you use?"

On Mon, Mar 5, 2012 at 7:10 PM, Yuan Rao <> wrote:
> Does anyone have experience licensing Jess for commercial use?
> My employer is interested in licensing the software. But getting formal
> references from Sandia turns out would take longer than we'd expected. While
> waiting for Sandia's formal references to come through, I wonder if anyone
> here have had some experience they wouldn't mind sharing.
> If you have licensed the software and have anything to say about your
> experience using the software in commercial environment, the process of
> licensing it, and any lessons learned, I'd really appreciate it.
> Thanks!
> Yuan

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