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Arguments:NoneReturns:N/ADescription: Immediately exit any enclosing loop
or control scope. Can be used inside of
while <http://www.jessrules.com/jess/docs/71/functions.html#while>, and
foreach <http://www.jessrules.com/jess/docs/71/functions.html#foreach>loops,
as well as within the body of a
the right hand side of a
defrule <http://www.jessrules.com/jess/docs/71/constructs.html#defrule>. If
called anywhere else, will throw an exception.

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On Thu, May 23, 2013 at 12:43 PM, Przemyslaw Woznowski <
p.r.woznow...@cs.cf.ac.uk> wrote:

> Hi Jess users,
> I have the following function:
> (deffunction similarity-score (?base ?other)
>     (bind ?score 0)
>     (bind ?totalDistance 0)
>     (bind ?counter 0)
>     (foreach ?x ?base
>         (bind ?counter (+ ?counter 1))
>         (printout t "counter is:" ?counter)
>         (bind ?partialDistance 0)
>         (printout t "partialDist is:" ?partialDistance)
>         (foreach ?y ?other
>             (bind ?partialDistance (+ ?partialDistance 1))
>             (printout t "foreach partialDist is:" ?partialDistance)
>             (if (eq ?x ?y) then
>                 (bind ?score (+ ?score 1))
>                 (printout t "score is:" ?score)
>                 (return)
>             )
>         )
>     (bind ?totalDistance (/ ?counter ?partialDistance))
>     )
>     (return (- (/ ?score (length$ ?base)) (* (- 1 (/ (length$ ?base)
> ?totalDistance)) 0.1) ))
> )
> As you can see, the above function has a nested foreach loop, which upon
> finding equal values in both list should skip to the next iteration of the
> outer loop. In java, instead of (return) one would normally put a break
> statement. As far as the documentation of the (foreach) construct reads, it
> says: "The return function can be used to break the iteration". However,
> what I am finding is that the (return) function terminates the outer loop
> too - unless I seriously messed up the code - but this is the result of my
> observation of the (printout t) function. Moreover, when I remove the
> (return) function, the function iterates over the outer and inner loops
> just fine.
> Any advice on how can I break the inner's loop iteration? I know I can use
> a variable to flag that the match has been found and add it to the if
> statement, but I am hoping that there is an equivalent of break in Jess.
> Cheers,
> Pete

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