Kindly bear with me as I explain my query...

I am developing an Intelligent Tutoring System using Jess + Servlet + Jsp.
It will perform following actions (implemented as rules):

1. if student has completed a given task within specified time then give
him next task. else jess rules will decide a suitable feedback message for
the student (e.g., hurry up!).

2. a student while solving a multiple choice question (maintained as a
question fact) can attempt more than once till answers correctly. Here
number of attempts will be passes from a JSP page to a servlet page. The
servlet will modify the attempt_count SLOT in jess fact and the engine will
run and decide next suitable action.

a question fact initially is:

(deffacts question_objects
(question (object-name "eaxmple1.html") (type question) (lo-id 10302)
(reqd-time 25) (prev-lo-id 10301) (next-lo-id 10303) (diff-level medium)
(attempt-count (default 0)))

(theory (object-name "theory1.html") (type theory) (lo-id 103) (reqd-time
45) (prev-lo-id 102) (next-lo-id 104) (diff-level easy) (status incomplete))

Now, dynamically, i want to update the first fact's attempt-count slot

But I have no clue how to get hold of that particular fact to call modify()
from Java?

Please let me know if I should be more detailed.

Thanking you,
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