Don't try to get the Token - hiding that sort of ugliness is the whole reason 
run-query* exists. Use a pattern binding instead:

(defquery my-query
    (declare (variables ?n))
    ?f <- (room (number ?n)))

(bind ?r (run-query* my-query 100))
(while (?r next)
    (bind ?fact (?r getObject f))
   ;; ... now do something with your fact

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Thanks Ernest.

In my program, I was using runQuery(arg0, arg1) and storing the result in a 
Iterator as shown below. Then I am storing the result in token and from token 
to fact.

            Iterator sno = engine.runQuery("session-number",new 
            if (sno.hasNext()) {
            Token token = (Token);
            Fact fact = token.fact(1);

Now, I want to use runQueryStar(). But I don't know how to read the Query 

QueryResult sno = engine.runQueryStar("session-number",new 
if ( {
Token token = (Token) sno.????;  what function should I use here?
Fact fact = token.fact(1);

On Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 11:06 PM, Friedman-Hill, Ernest 
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You can use a query to easily find your facts; see and in particular,

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