On 04/02/2018 12:45, Christian Stein wrote:

It's an automatic module. And it does run "as-is" on Oracle JDK, using ALL-MODULE-PATH.

Here is the actual command:


Perhaps the interpretation of " ALL-MODULE-PATH " by Oracle JDK is too generous, as it add all system modules as well?

No, there is no difference there. The main difference between Oracle JDK and OpenJDK builds is that the Oracle JDK builds have additional modules and specifically the modules for the Java Plugin, Java Web Start, and the the JavaFX modules from the OpenJFX project. If you diff the `java --list-modules` output from both builds then you'll see the list of additional modules.

I suspect this issue is nothing to do with `--add-modules ALL-MODULE-PATH`. Instead it's probably one of the JavaFX modules that `requires java.scripting`. You should be able to diagnose this quickly by running with `--show-module-resolution` and grep the output for "java.scripting".


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