On 04/02/2018 14:58, Christian Stein wrote:

It's module ' jdk.deploy' in Oracle JDK:

    jdk.deploy requires java.scripting jrt:/java.scripting


OpenJDK does not ... deploy that one:

jdk.deploy is a supporting module for the Java Plugin and Java Web Start so this is why it's not in OpenJDK builds. The jdk.deploy module is being resolved because includes a security provider (`provides java.security.Provider with ...`) and java.base `uses java.security.Provider`.

I see your other mail where you have found a workaround for this specific issue. The more general issue is of course that you are deploying a module that does not know what modules it depends. In these cases you have to help the module system by specifying --add-modules to force the modules that it depends on to be resolved. You got lucky with the Oracle JDK build because jdk.deploy pulled in the java.scripting module.


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