On 2/9/18 7:23 AM, Michal Vala wrote:

Patch validates output directory before any jimage extracting happen. I've moved validation to extra private method as it is few lines of code. I've also added proper error message for case when output path is not a directory (JImageTask.java#449).

Thanks for looking at JDK-8170114 and JDK-8170120.  I took a look at  http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~shade/8170114/webrev.01/

Alternatively,  jimage extract can behave as jlink and it fails if the specified output directory exists including empty directory. It'd be easy to delete the directory in the command-line before running jimage.

You extend JImageCliTest to handle the beforeTest method to be invoked before running each test case.  Is that necessary?  The test itself is creating temp file/directory for each test case.    I think it'd be good to update the test to create a named file/dir under the scratch area as jtreg will take care of cleaning the scratch area.


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