Hmm. This will be a good challenge.

1) The .java files are OK -- For example, Catal[`a] is correctly C3A0.
2) The .js files are fine.
3) In the developer console, everything is OK:

x = "Català"

4) The JavaScript is messed up:

x = J.i18n.Language.getLanguageList()[4].nativeLanguage

5) When I replace j2s/core/corejmol.z.js with  corejmol.js, it works.

x = J.i18n.Language.getLanguageList()[4].nativeLanguage

Hooray! The Google Closure Compiler is messing up.

So you can do that yourself. This explains why it is only in the menu. I
will remove Language.js from that compression, and we should be good to go.


On Thu, Sep 15, 2016 at 3:29 AM, Angel Herráez <> wrote:

> Dear Bob,
> I have noticed two issues with the rendering of the pop-up menu in
> JSmol-html5
> 1. The language submenu is way too long, and may become taller than the
> screen, so in some page designs the lower half of the languages may be
> unreachable.
> 2. The names of some languages display wrong characters (replaced by
> symbols by the browser)
> I would like to try and improve these, but I am having trouble locating
> the relevant source code where the rendering of the menu is generated. Can
> you give me a pointer?
> Thanks
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