That's right, because the menu is based on an array in Language.js, not
from a po file, like the word "Russian" is. Language is one of the classes
that is included in corejmol.z.js. (If it were any other way, it would
require loading all the language files initially.)

Anyway, that is fixed.

On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 10:21 AM, Angel Herráez <>

> Fine, Bob
> The funny thing was that the first string (language name translated to
> current
> name) was correct, the second was wrong (language name in the original
> language).  If you siwtch to Russian, you can see in the same line one
> correct, one wrong.
> So I understand this is fixed for next release. Great!
> Regarding the height of the submenu, I think I have a solution via css (see
> bottom image)
> but where is the source for that part that generates the popup in JSmol?
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