Hi all

I am not familiar with the use of "select bonds" command, so I am asking 

We have somewhat old state scripts (saved in Proteopedia scenes)  that 
were generated by an older version of Jmol (# Jmol state version 11.8.24  
2010-04-26 08:00;).

Right now, Jmol 14.6.0 fails to select the bonds and render their thickness 
and color.
The commands in state are of this type:

select BONDS ({5 16 27});

Q: Has this syntax changed, or is it broken?

I've just tried Jmol app 14.6.4 and don't know how to select bonds, my 
simple test is failing

load $caffeine
select bonds ({2 3})

Should that work as such?

 Dr. Angel Herráez
 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,
 Dept. of Systems Biology, University of Alcalá
 E-28871 Alcalá de Henares  (Madrid), Spain

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