Well, about the implementation itself. The play/pause is already there, so
the button won't change that. It's just the labels.
Again, most players I've seen handle the play button as a two sided one,
with play/pause. Take for example google video, youtube and metacafe. They
both use the play/pause button and they're pretty much the most successful
video sites on the web.
The stop button is not going anywhere also. It'll remain as stop and rewind.

Bottom line is, if the button behaves as play/pause, why won't its
label/icon behave the same way as well.

On 2/18/07, Thilo Pfennig < [EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

David Corrales schrieb:
> I think that pretty much sums it all up. In practically all the
> video/audio players embedded in browsers now, they use the play/pause
> button. Other players do it too and I find it to be the most intuitive
> way to use a double function button.
Hi David,

same discussion was in gnome-usability. I dont agree at all. To sum it
up: iPod
iPod did this and now people used to iPod think this is a good thing and
also some GUI designers. From the technical level I only can say that
the pausing as the only possibility has led to many headaches on my
Fedora box (don't know how others cope with it). Thats because many apps
dont seem to be able to really give gstreamer freedom. Soif I play pause
in Banshee or rhythmbox I can not play with totem. I now have to quit
the whole applications - because there is not stop. But uI guess this
can be solved, although I like to see that first.

Again about better usability - Not sure about that. People who do not
use iPod (do you? I dont) maybe not find their way through. Would be a
good thing to make some usability tests on that?



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