Hello! I've been lurking a while, but thought I should comment on this.

I have also been working slowly on this bug, but haven't had as much time to
work on it as I thought I would. I have the following working with varying
degrees of success:
1) Copying a selection of event(s): Works pretty much flawlessly.
2) Cutting a selection of event(s): Works, but has a few bugs which make it
barely usable.
3) Delete a seection of event(s): Works fine, as far as I can tell.

The main issues are to do with copying. All of the above work from both the
right-click context menu, and the Edit menu which is implemented in

To get them working I've needed to create a new Clipboard class (
Clipboard.py), because it will allow better clipboard management, and makes
actually using the clipboard a little easier.

The real issue is that the code for manipulating events is implemented
multiple times - when really both the edit menu and the context menu should
just call the same methods, for usability and intuitiveness' sake. This is
more or less what much of the time has been spent on, trying to organise the
various implementations to at least resemble each other.

Like I said - much of what I've done so far 'works', but is pretty buggy in
its current state. I'll be glad to send my patch to you so you can see what
I've done - it just isn't particularly usable in its current state.

Tom Halligan

<<Hi everyone,
<<I'd like to get involved in coding Jokosher, so I started working on a
<<fix for Bug #85938 and I managed to get copying to work as expected.
<<I'll read more of the existing code to fully understand how to implement
<<Cut and Delete correctly.
<<In order to copy selections I added a method in Event.py which creates a
<<new event from a selection of an event. Then I changed the OnCopy method
<<in EventViewer.py to call that method if a selection was made and to
<<copy the whole event if not.
<<I'll be on the IRC channel as Tobi..
<<Tobias Langenbucher
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