Hi everyone,

Sorry for the lateness of the report but I'd forgotten all about
submitting it this week as I've been busy trying to get things
working!. You can find the full blog post at [0] and the code is at

-------Weekly Report Text------

What I’ve done this week:

This week I’ve been working on getting drag and drop to function, it’s
mostly working I just need to rejig a few things and clean it up. I’ve
also added cut/copy/paste but I haven’t connected it to the context
menu yet, but that shouldn’t be too difficult. I’ve also managed to
figure out a way to count how many notes are in a measure, so I can
work on getting more measures generated when one is filled. There
aren’t any screenshots this week but that’s because most of what I’ve
been doing is related to the backend for the Score Events.

What I plan to do next week:

For the final week of GSoC I am going to have a big push to finish all
the little UI elements I have left and to get Audio working with the
tracks. I also need to work on save/load which shouldn’t be *too*
difficult but it might take me a while. The only thing I will miss
from my original project specification is the in depth score editor,
which is really disappointing. It would have been nice to have gotten
that finished in time but I will continue working on the score editor
after the deadline to make it stable enough for release.

What I’ve learned this week:

That I should be very careful when I name variables as I had an
incident where I had used the same variable name twice in a Function
and I kept  getting weird results from it. It took me an hour to
realise what I’d done wrong, which is very annoying!.

I’m reasonably happy what I’ve achieved so far with my project and
whilst I have had a lot of issues I think I’ve learned so much from
doing it and there’s a lot left for me to learn. But I’m happy to have
been given the opportunity to do this and work on something that I
have an interest in.

[0] - http://redache.wordpress.com/2010/08/10/weekly-report-11-drag-and-drop/
[1] - https://code.launchpad.net/~redache/jokosher/MusicXMLEditor

Thanks for reading,
David Williams
Extending Jokosher with a Musical Notation Editor.
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