Hi everyone,

You'll find my blog post at [0] and my code at [1], It's finally the
end of GSoC and we can all celebrate :). You can find my weekly report
below. I've also updated by live.gnome.org wiki page [2] with
screenshots of the project as it stands.

-----Weekly Report text-----
So this is the last weekly report of the Summer of Code. It’s been a
long journey to get to the end and a lot of hard work.

What I’ve done this week:

I reworked the drag and drop to try and make it less glitchy and it
still isn’t perfect. From looking at a lot of other score editors I
think I missed a trick on having measures that were automatically
filled with rests and then just subtracting the note that gets added
from that rest and reworking the rests to fill the rest of the
measure. Hindsight can be an annoying thing sometimes.

I’ve also managed to make the MusicXML generate correctly, regardless
of measure number. I’ve tested it quite a bit and it  does seem to
work as expected every time. So one of the few bits that doesn’t have
strange bugs.
I’ve also tried adding audio the the Instruments but I’ve run into
problems with my Source Element and I’ve just run out of time to fix
it. I would have loved to have had audio working but it just wasn’t

I’ve also tried to add scaling changes to the notes, this is far from
perfect but it’s a start. I’ve done my best to try and at least
implement most of the features I wanted and this as led to some things
being a little glitchy but I can accept that as version 0.001 of the
Score Editor. This was a pretty big project, much bigger than I
anticipated and it’s been a long hard road to get to where I am now.
I’m happy to have reached the end and look back on everything that
I’ve learned in the last 12 weeks. It has been an amazing experience
to be able to focus on code without having to worry about things.

What I’ve learned throughout GSoC:

That as much as I learn I will always need to learn more. I’ve spent
long enough with roughly documented toolkits to know that to master
these things is pretty difficult and nearly impossible unless you
devote a lot of time to them. I’ve come away wanting to expand and
improve on my project and work towards creating something that is
really cool to me personally. Yes I didn’t finish my original design,
but that wasn’t through lack of trying, I’d just overreached in what I
thought I could do. I’ll continue contributing to Jokosher and to any
Open Source projects that appeal to me, this whole experience has
changed my perspective  a great deal and I want to contribute and give
back more to the FOSS community.

So here’s to the end of my Summer of Code.

[0] - http://wp.me/pjdJf-2Q
[1] - https://code.launchpad.net/~redache/jokosher/MusicXMLEditor
[2] - http://live.gnome.org/SummerOfCode2010/DavidWilliams_Jokosher#preview

Thanks for reading!
and congratulations to everyone else that finished their summer of code.
David Williams,
Extending Jokosher with a Musical Notation Editor.
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