hi Lukas,
   we have a mix of jooq (mine) and legacy non jooq (aka string queries) 
code in production.

Sometimes happens that :

let *T1* be a table and *C1,C2* it's column. 
let *JAPP* be a jooq app that use T1.C1
let *LAPP* a legacy APP that use T2.C2
let T1 be shared between *JAPP and LAPP*

Suppose a developer on LAPP rename T1.C2==>T1.C3 and don't care about put 
in production jooq generated code.
Now JAPP is broken cause when jooq generate query on whole table it 
create.select().from(T1) ==> SELECT FROM T1.C1, T1.C2, *but T1.C2 was 
renamed to T1.C3*

The issue is that JAPP does not use directly T1.C2 in code so neither an 
automatic build could solve this problem due to dynamic nature of select 
Probably the only compatible/working solution should be to generate select 
T1.*, but seems that jooq can not work in typesafe mode with select *.

Probably I should better know the engine behavior, but I'm wondering about 
why jooq does not render T1.* instead exploding fields.
Btw in a full jooq environment this is not an issue, but legacy code 
Have you got any ideas how to avoid this issues?

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